Reference Toolset

Our new strategy was published in 2018. One of our main areas of focus is to shape the existing tools under our stewardship which led us to create the OPF reference toolset. OPF tools address common issues that are faced by many organisations and we provide a mechanism to focus mutual effort and resources into common solutions.

How does it work?

To find out more about how and why the OPF reference toolset was created, take a look at our webinar which will walk you through the process.

OPF reference toolset process

The OPF reference toolset process map sets out a common workflow for digital preservation ingest / pre-ingest. We intentionally use generic terms to help newcomers to understand it. We focus on this subset of the OAIS model because the tools under our stewardship currently address these areas. The OPF reference toolset process can be adapted for use in different organisational workflows. Many organisations may need to carry out these common actions, although the details, order of processing, policies and choices may differ.


OPF reference toolset mapping

The diagram below shows where some of the tools maintained through OPF, or by our members or project partners, might fit within the reference toolset process. The map will evolve as we adopt or develop new tools and processes.