PASIG 2020 in Madrid Postponed

To the PASIG Community:

It will come as no surprise that PASIG 2020, currently scheduled for May 18-20 in Madrid, cannot take place as originally scheduled.

The PASIG Steering Committee, along with the local organizers at Biblioteca digital memoriademadrid, have discussed all current options for the event. We have decided for now to *postpone* the 2020 event until September 22-24, 2020. The location and other logistics will remain the same.

We acknowledge with regret this is the same week as iPRES 2020, but it is the only time period available for our venue for the remainder of the calendar year.

Obviously no one can predict the future, but we hope this new schedule will be workable. Regardless of specific dates, we are committed to having the event in Madrid, and moving forward as soon as we can.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will follow the latest guidance from local, national and international authorities and the World Health Organization. Updates will be posted on the event website.

For questions and comments, please see our conference contact webpage at:

On behalf of the PASIG Steering Committee

By Becky McGuinness, posted in Becky McGuinness's Blog

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