Community Resources

In addition to our own activities we also participate in community driven initiatives, providing organisational support and technical infrastructure. These are not necessarily led by us but they benefit our members and the wider community.

The Atlas of Digital Damages

A Flickr group for collecting visual examples of digital preservation challenges, failed renderings, encoding damage, corrupt data, and visual evidence documenting #FAILs of any stripe.

Catalogue of Preservation Policy Elements

The Catalogue of Policy Elements was developed as part of the SCAPE policy framework which helps organisations develop their digital preservation policy. It has three levels: guidance policies, preservation procedure policies and control policies. The framework supports organisations to create policies that are straightforward and machine readable.

The catalogue provides a template to create your own policy, and lists published policies from libraries, archives, data centres and other content holding organisations.

COPTR (Community Owned digital Preservation Tools Registry)

COPTR aims to meet the following simple aims:

  • Help users find preservation tools that meet their long term digital preservation needs.
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel by sharing knowledge about existing tools and their effectiveness rather than starting again from scratch and creating new tools.

COPTR captures basic, factual details about a tool, what it does, how to find more information (relevant URLs) and references to user experiences with the tool.
The COPTR home page can be found at

Datasets, Issues and Solutions

This OPF wiki page records and describes datasets or collections with digital preservation issues. There are also over 70 solutions recorded which are linked to the datasets and issues. This knowledge base has been built from participants at OPF and project events, as well as from the wider digital preservation community.

The knowledge base is available here:

Digital Preservation Question & Answer Site

A question and answer site in the style of StackExchange where you can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community. The Digital Preservation Q & A site home page is here

File Format Risk Registry

The OPF File Format Risk Registry provides a reference guide to file format-specific risks that have implications for long-term preservation and accessibility.

It is focused on four aspects:

  • What are the main issues associated with this format?
  • How does each issue affect long-term accessibility? What are the risks?
  • For each issue, how can we assess whether a file object is affected, and using which tool(s)? How do we measure the risks?
  • Are there any recommendations for dealing with an issue, or for mitigating its impact?

In addition, a corpus of open licence example files has been built on our GitHub page.