The European Archival Records and Knowledge Preservation (E-ARK) project set out to develop open source technical specifications, methods and tools for digital archiving. The project, co-funded by the European Commission, ran from 2014-2017 and was rated ‘excellent’ in its final review.

The tools and specifications form the basis of the E-ARK4ALL follow-on programme to establish the new CEF Building Block, eArchiving. The eArchiving building block’s purpose is to provide the core specifications, software, training and knowledge to help data creators, software developers and digital archives tackle the challenge of data management and reuse in a sustainable and interoperable way.

OPF is working on the validator to ensure that information packages comply with the requirements set in E-ARK specifications and on the sample software portfolio which provides an open source reference toolset. OPF is also supporting the outreach and training activities.