Martin Wrigley

Executive Director (2017 – present)

Martin is responsible for working with OPF members and the Board to develop the future strategy and enhance the Foundation’s portfolio of open source digital preservation tools.

He brings over 30 years experience of working in the software industry, including software development, mobile telecoms and phone apps. He is the Executive Director of the not-for-profit Application Quality Alliance focusing on mobile app quality and testing standards.

Martin was Director of Developer Services at Orange Partner, for 8 years, working with industry partners, app shops and mobile app developers providing strategic and tactical direction and support to the Orange developer community. Prior to that, Martin had more than twelve years in a variety of technical roles in Orange.

Martin is a member of the Code Adjudication Panel of Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA), the UK regulator of premium rate services. He is also a non-executive Director at the Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA), the UK authority for new vehicle certification.

Becky McGuinness

Community Manager (2010 – present)

Becky joined the organisation in 2010, after working for The British Library on the EU Planets project. She is responsible for the Foundation’s webinars, training and events, internal and external communications, and the day-to-day running of the office. She has a Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, and a degree in English Literature. Her background includes marketing and branding roles in the publishing and engineering consultancy sectors.

Becky contributes to the dissemination and take up activities for veraPDF. She was responsible for the SCAPE project training programme.

Carl Wilson

Technical Lead (2012 – present)

Carl is the Technical Lead for the Open Preservation Foundation, overseeing all of OPF’s technical activities. He is an experienced software engineer with a focus on software quality through testing. He is an open source enthusiast, both as a user and developer. His professional interest is using virtualisation, automation and continuous delivery techniques to improve the software development process.

Carl is leading the development team for veraPDF and is responsible for the software quality, website development and continuous integration / delivery. Before this he was responsible for OPF’s technical contribution to the SCAPE project.

Prior to joining OPF Carl worked for The British Library’s Digital Preservation Team on internal and external projects.

Charlotte Armstrong

Project Officer (2018 – present)

Charlotte is the OPF’s Project Officer, helping to manage the OPF office as well as supporting our outreach and community activities including workshops and social media.

Charlotte is completing her PhD in musicology at the University of York, and also holds a BA and an MA by research in music from the universities of Durham and York. In addition to her research background, Charlotte brings experience in event management and social media marketing to this new role at the OPF, where she is eager to learn about and contribute to the field of digital preservation.

Martin Speller

Project Manager (2018 – present)

Martin is the OPF Project Manager overseeing the project delivery tasks associated with the OPF national and international grants, projects and re-engineering internal processes.

Martin has extensive IT experience including working as a Project Manager delivering both technology and Business change across several sectors including Finance, Retail, Telco, Local Govt., and services. He is now looking forward to working with OPF colleagues, associates and partners and to expand his knowledge in digital preservation.