Poznańskie Centrum Superkomputerowo-Sieciowe

Poznańskie Centrum Superkomputerowo-Sieciowe (PSNC), affiliated to the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences, was founded in 1993 to build and develop computer infrastructure for science and education in Poznań and in Poland. This infrastructure includes metropolitan network POZMAN, High Performance Computing (HPC) Center, as well as the national broadband network PIONIER, providing the Internet and network services on international, domestic and local levels.

With the development of the computer infrastructure, PSNC has been managing research and development within the field of new generation computer networks, high performance – parallel and distributed – computations and archive systems, cloud computing and grid technologies. PSNC is working also on the themes of green ICT, future Internet technologies & ideas, network safety, innovative applications, web portals, as well as creating, storing and managing digital content. Since PSNC is a public entity, within its sphere of interests is the development of solutions for e-government, education, medicine, new media & communications.

In the field of digital libraries PSNC is focused on building national digital libraries infrastructure by the development of digital libraries software, data sharing and aggregation services, e-learning resources, knowledge management systems and also digitisation process management and long term preservation services. These R&D activities are complemented by extensive practical experience with deployments of the tools supporting many elements of digitisation workflow.

For preservation and digital content management PSNC has developed a complex and full-features DInGO toolset consisting of software components for digitisation workflow management, digital libraries, museums and archives as well as for long-term preservation. The toolset is widely used in the cultural heritage and government institutions across Poland.

Above that PSNC provides free online tools for digital humanities, such as Virtual Transcription Laboratory, Cutouts and page-generator, which can help with OCR tuning and post-correction for digitised content. PSNC is also an active player in the context of information exchange and intergration as it develops and hosts Polish national metadata aggregator called Digital Libraries Federation. DLF provides most of Polish metadata to Europeana, placing it in the top ten content providers in Europe.

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