Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (Sound and Vision) is a leading media archive that identified sustainable digital preservation as one of its leading business processes. Founded in 1997, Sound and Vision is responsible for collecting, preserving and presenting the national audio-visual heritage of the Netherlands. Its public task is two-fold: the organisation acts as the corporate AV-programme archive for the Dutch public broadcasting system (Nederlandse Publieke Omroep or NPO) and as a national cultural and historical media institute for education, academic research, and for the general public. 

Sound and Vision’s collections consist of digital-born and analogue radio and television programmes, and 13 digitized legacy collections (film, audio and video). More recently, selections of web videos, websites, games, text materials and specific object types have been added. Sound and Vision’s digital repository amounts to more than 26 petabytes – over 1 million hours of AV materials.

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