National Library of Norway

The National Library of Norway collects all media types published in Norway, including radio and television broadcasts, films, music, and the Norwegian part of the Internet. Within the coming 20–30 years, they plan to digitise their complete collection. 90% of all books ever published in Norway, 30% of all newspapers and nearly 100% of all recorded radio programs from the largest and oldest radio broadcast station in Norway are already digitised.

In January 2016, a revised legal deposit law was passed in Norway, which includes the right to do full domain Internet harvest and the legal deposit of the digital masters for paper publications. With a digital collection of 5.2 petabytes of unique data, growing at a rate of 1 petabyte per year, it is vital for the National Library to have a trustworthy solution for digital preservation. They are looking at preservation in terms of 1000 years.