Koninklijke Bibliotheek

The Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB) fosters the national infrastructure for scientific information and plays an important role in the permanent access to digital information at an international level. The e-Depot, the world’s first digital archiving system for academic publications, now contains more than 15 million articles (15 TB). The KB aims to scale up the e-Depot in the next years to contain 700 TB by 2013. As a national library in a smaller country with an international orientation, the KB is uniquely positioned to serve as a trustworthy steward for the scholarly record. Next to its national deposit collection, the e-Depot contains the digital archive of the Dutch academic institutional repositories, the Dutch web archive from 2008 onwards and the master archive of national digitisation projects.

In the 1990’s the KB expanded its mission into the emerging international world of information provision. KB has made agreements with most of the key international publishers in the field of STM (Science, Technology and Medicine) including Elsevier, Springer and BioMed Central to have their online journals archived in the e-Depot for long term preservation and access. The KB intends to develop a sustainable business model for the e-Depot which will reflect both public and private responsibility for our digital scholarly and cultural heritage. The KB has been involved in many international research projects in the field of digital libraries and hosts the offices of The European Library (TEL) and Europeana. Currently, the KB is working on the development of a new digital preservation system, to be taken into production in 2012.

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