AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is an Austrian research institute with a European format and focuses on the key infrastructure issues of the future. The AIT, which comprises five independent and performance-driven departments (Energy, Mobility, Health & Environment, Safety & Security and Foresight & Policy Development), works in close collaboration with industry and customers from public institutions, striving to increase their added value through innovation and new technologies.

AIT is strategically positioned as a key player in the Austrian and European innovation system by performing applied research for and enabling the market exploitation of innovative infrastructure related solutions. This functionality of “bridging the gap between research and technology commercialisation” is seen as a fundamental role for commercialisation of new technologies and strengthening economic development.

A further indication of AIT’s international competitiveness can be seen in the company’s intensive involvement in the research and technology programmes of the European Commission, a context in which the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology cooperates with other European research institutes and companies to establish new partnerships. This is an important means of exchanging application-oriented scientific findings with other stakeholders. The AIT Safety and Security Department, responsible for work in the Planets project, has a research field dedicated to the topic of digital preservation and coordinated the Planets follow-up Integrated Project SCAPE.

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